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Our company is here to help provide the best possible assistance in the fields of ‘essay help’ editing and writing. offers their services in the fields of : high school ‘essay papers’, ‘research papers’, college midterm essays, dissertations, term papers and thesis, along with proof reading, formatting and editing help for any of the previously stated.

All work that we provide is unique and original, researched according to the client’s needs. It meets the highest quality standards so that the customers will be highly satisfied with the results. Our company aims to provide the best possible support services so that students can improve their grades. makes use of a simple but effective communication method which allows the customer to get across their requirements and get information from us in return. In this section, we will answer some of the more frequently asked questions for your benefit. Should your question not be available in this question, please refer to our customer care center for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can help me with my Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Dissertation or Thesis?

Ans: makes use of professional writers, editors and researchers who are capable of handling even the most complex of assignments. Length, style or topic do not matter to us, if you want a task done then we are here to do it. The available writers come from various academic fields and are more than qualified to write term papers, research papers, thesis, dissertations and essays for different academic levels.

Q. What makes different from other Companies?

Ans: We offer custom paper writing services. The paper that you get will be tailor made, researched and put together at a highly affordable price. Clients can talk directly to the writer and keep track of their paper’s progress, offer input and additional research material before finally receiving their product. You can rest assured that your paper will be one of a kind, matching your requirements and at level with the highest possible academic standards.

While there are many other similar websites who offer the same services, the quality of our product far out strips our competitors. We also offer our clients the following services: free revision facility, a customer care center, flexible discount policy and 100% custom made, plagiarism free paper.

Q. Ordering online From Academic Writing is safe? Is your website secure?

Ans: Our website and any transactions made are done by the use of offers protection to the buyer, making sure that their interests are safe by protecting their sensitive information. Any order that is made will be transferred over secure channels from your PC to the service retailer. Credit card information will be billed on spot so you can rest assured that your information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Q. How long Academic Writing Company will it take to write my paper?

Ans: A task’s delivery time depends on two aspects: level of urgency and client instructions. It is not possible for us to complete an order within 24 hours however, the earlier that an order is placed, the more time we will have to complete it according to your specifications. The additional time also gives us more time to do adequate research. Should the situation arise that the deadline cannot be met or extra time is needed, we will contact you and discuss the order.

Q. How will you Garantee that your papers original? Can I find your papers anywhere else on the Internet?

Ans: You can rest assured that all our papers are 100% made to order and original. There is no chance for plagiarism to occur or a paper to be recycled. Every paper is written to met a certain criteria that the client specified and it will easily pass check EVE2, our anti-plagiarism software. No paper made will be made available online once it is complete.

Q. Will I be satisfied with Academic Writing sent paper?

Ans: Absolutely! We follow the strictest protocol and standards so that your requirements are met. The requirements that you state in your Customer Order form will be the minimum standard that we will uphold. Through our paper, you will be able to improve your results and also gain a better understanding of the topic. Customer satisfaction is an important facet of our business, one that we always strive for.

Q. Why should I trust your Academic Writing Service?

Ans: We have taken several steps in order to ensure the most trustworthy transactions and procedures for our clients. We make use of anti-plagiarism software, keep our client’s information private and ensure that their transactions are kept secure. Our company’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and as such, we try to build a trustworthy relationship with you.

Q. If I am not completely satisfied with the paper What shall I do?

Ans: In such instances, we offer revision services, free of charge for our clients. The best way to avoid revisions in your paper is by ensuring the order form is properly filled out. The more details that the customer provides for us, the better our work will be. Clients are asked to provide complete information and details regarding citations, writing style, sources etc.

Q. Is your work up-to-date on current sources? And what About your Research team?

Ans: Yes. Our researchers remain up to date with new advancements and changes that are made in their field. They make use of all kinds of research tools and techniques in order to remain up to date. In addition, they also have access to many online libraries and their extensive resources, granting them access to a vast amount of information.

Q. How will I send Extra Requirements and Files to you?

Ans: We have a simple communication system in place that lets you upload such information to the Order form. When filling in the Order Form, you simply need to attach the information you wish to send us. In case you have not done so, you can go to the customer care center and attach this information into the form provided there. You can also take the help of the customer care center to provide more files for the proper competition of your paper. Our customer care center is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. What about refund System?

Ans: A refund can be asked for in case a writer cannot be found for your order or a duplicate order has accidentally been placed.

Q. Who can see my stuff? How can I be sure of my privacy?

Ans: There is nothing more important to us than making sure that client information remains private. We have strict protocols and procedures in place about sensitive client information. Your personal information will not be used for any reason other than contacting you about your order. No information of a personal nature or regarding the transactions made will be passed on a third party. There are no instances where your private information will be sold, disclosed, distributed or disclosed.

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