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Each of the following sentences, most of which came from papers I have graded, has some problem or problems. Locate the error and correct the sentence. Then, and only then, look at the next page for the real poop.

  • Southpaws, who are superstitious, will not pitch on Fridays.
  • College students who do not write well flunk English.
  • As a student, Aunt Normies' dinners are to be avoided.
  • What we need are some engineers broken down by their specialties.
  • As a boy games of war are fun.
  • We drove to Reno Nevada to gambol.
  • Doug is the only one of the boys who always stands straight.
  • She wasn't aloud to have friends over their house.
  • Emersons poem Brahma can be found in his book Selected Poems.
  • Hopefully, you will pass the test, otherwise I will feel badly.
  • Whom should I say is calling?
  • If their taking there car their, they'd better have a credit card handy.
  • By engine tune-ups, by keeping his tires filled, and by driving carefully, his mileage was increased.
  • A clever dog knows its master.
  • Literally climbing the walls, I scream as another misplaced modifier appeared on the term paper and I decided to immediately give up teaching, and became a sadistic killer.



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