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Personal essay

However this essay is thought to present the candidate’s character to people who don’t know him. That is the reason to be unbiased; in order to make the people reading the essay recognize that the candidate is not overstating.

Members of the admission Committee will read your Personal Essay and you have to convince them. They have to penetrate your thoughts and analyze the level of motivation and commitment towards your work and study. An effective ‘Personal Essay’ tells both specialized and individual characteristics of a candidate.

Writing a Personal essay:

A candidate should have intellectual thoughts in order to write a personal Narrative Essay. His main target is to convince the committee members and keep focus on his main goals. There are some factors which should be considered which committee members is looking for.

  • An attractive personality of the individual distinctive from other candidates.
  • Motives of an application to pick this field and the determination will help him success in this field.
  • Evaluate the knowledge of an application in this field.
  • The candidate’s career ambitions and goals.
  • Analyze the candidate’s traits and skills in this field.
  • The reasons to select this candidate over others.

Tips for an effective personal Narrative Essay


  • Be honest about the information and experiences that occurred in actuality.
  • Spend some time in preparing your thoughts before penning down a Personal Essay.
  • Follow the given directions accurately.
  • Try to express your thoughts visibly and transitory.
  • Reflect your essay according to your personality.
  • Enlighten your challenging achievements.
  • Be optimistic and show enthusiasm and devotion.


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