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'MBA Essay'

"MBA 'Admission essay's are your chance to demonstrate your unique qualification. MBA 'Admission essay' is an essential part of admission process and you should devote enough time to writing it. The most acceptable way for writing 'Admission essay' is to find a compromise which will satisfy everybody. Of course, it is not easy to come up with a compromise, especially when it is not evident, thus, it requires a lot of thinking to find it. Even if you didn’t find the compromise while writing an essay, don’t be upset."

"Your points of view raised in 'Admission essay' should be supported with reasonable arguments. While wring a college essay, try to justify your own points of view. Describe what you would do in a case of negative circumstances of the decision you’ve made."

"Elaborate on these points in your essay:"

  • Career Goals
  • Why an MBA?
  • Why This School?

What Motivates You?

"Now that the admissions readers have a sense of who you are, they will want to know why. What values have made you who you are? A need to achieve? A passion for your sector? Why are you a high achiever? Why have you made the life choices reflected in your education and professional history? All of these points will give a very strong indication of the values you will bring into the program."

What Are Your Goals?

"Just as important as the Who and the Why, the Where (are you going) will show the reader that you have a professional project that fits (indeed, necessitates) a top MBA program. Further, the reader will be able to evaluate your project against all other parts of your dossier to get a feel for how likely you are to succeed."

How Well You Communicate?

"All of that is already a lot to accomplish in a set of rather brief essays. In fact, the strict length guidelines imposed by the admissions offices are in part a challenge to test your written communication skills. While good business writing cannot be taught in a few lines, here are some key hints."

How Serious You Are?

"Admissions officers definitely use your essays as a gauge of your ATD Quotient (Attention To Detail). Make certain your essays show more than a weekend's work, that there are absolutely no typos, and of course that they are your own work rather than something you downloaded off the Net. By now, you must realize that the Personal Statement is, all by itself, a big project. Schedule at least eight weeks to get them written."

Experienced and Knowledgeable 'essay writers' :

"We painstakingly filter top-notch writers who are keen and competent enough to provide help at the level and efficiency we need. We usually employ a big staff of professionals. At least one of them will be an expert in your field."

"Your paper will be prepared by the top writers and professors who are specialists in their field. Many writers submit applications but a very small number make it. We only hire candidates with at least a Master’s degree from well-known universities and have a writing experience of 3 to 5 years."

"With the support, each student gets A and B grades and 2:1 and 1st Class standards in their academic career. From GSCE to I.B.,from freshman to senior, from college students to post graduate students, our service helps students navigate more easily through their academic landscape."

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