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'Descriptive Essay'

"Anything insignificant would merely amount to a mundane exercise of writing for the sake of putting something down on paper. Writing must always be directed towards the reader and hence the writer must have a good reason for describing something or someone. A good 'Descriptive Essay' should lure the reader and entice him to read without stopping. While details are important, the way they are presented is going to decide whether the readers opt in or out."

"Visual skills, words relating to sound, smell and taste predominantly used tend to make the essay real."

"Words relating to touch and inner emotions are it disgust or admiration, love or hatred convey to the reader the intensity and range of feeling. Active verbs help the reader to visualize the nature of emotions rather than indicating the characters or scenes in an inanimate and passive manner. Vivid use of words and verbs are effective."

"The tone of the essay should be gradually built so that there is one strong dominant emotion. If the purpose of the essay is to cause concern or arouse fear, then the trend must be set in the introduction itself. It prepares the reader for stronger and worse emotions to follow. Sometimes it helps to list all the words associated with a particular emotion and then try to use as many as you can without being redundant. Just as the introduction coaxes the reader into entering a particular world, so too must the body of the essay ensure that he does not beat a hasty retreat. In the conclusion, the reader must be drawn within the purview of emotions making him an integral part."

"In a 'Descriptive Essay' you can describe:"

  • A summer evening
  • a night at a friend’s house
  • delicious Thanksgiving turkey

" Mind these 3 rules while preparing your essay:"

  • Combine actual and abstract ideas.
  • Avoid using too many metaphors and adjectives.
  • Describe by showing, not merely stating. You show something through a variety of carefully selected examples.

"If you manage to draw an image of something in language that means you can write a good 'Descriptive Essay'."

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