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''Dissertation' Proposal'

"Those people who are writing a 'Dissertation' can say for sure that this is, possibly, the most significant phase in life. No surprises, it can sometimes last a long time. Any 'Dissertation' summarizes years spent on textbooks. It is the last and hardest step before obtaining a degree. Similar people who are writing a 'Dissertation' will tell you: it is not an easy process. Even when all clear problems are settled, there are many hidden stones that will cause several unhappy moments on the way. Still, except you want to quit, you will have to learn to handle these problems."

"A person to ask for help is a scientific organizer. He is assigned to you once you start writing a 'Dissertation'. Being a busy person with some other ''Dissertation' Writers' to help, he/she might not have a lot of time for you. Still, don’t hesitate to contact him/her when the problems occur. Scientific advisor can assist a lot with useful sources of literature, possible issues worth investigating, and technical problems. The rest lies on you."

''Dissertation' Proposal'

"''Dissertation' Proposal' is where you should start at once your topic is selected. The aim of a ''Dissertation' Proposal' is to interest the readers and convince them that the theme of research is completely unique and has not yet been researched from a perception that you offer. This is why you should write a proposal in present or future tenses. A difficulty has to be introduced, and then stated, which means that you should think about the context of the issue in accordance with your field of studies. When writing, focus on importance and benefits of a study itself, and not on a research problem. Provide a 'Literature Review' that will give an understanding of sources you use as imaginary base for your investigation. Describe what you plan to do in a Methodology section. Always use technical language, picture the perspectives, and try to give a convincing answer to the “so what?” question. Try to give a detailed description of steps you are going to take, and think about the consequences of your investigation. Is it going to be helpful in the long run? Don’t forget to prepare the reader by explaining the terminology you use in the 'Dissertation writing'. To make a ''Dissertation' Proposal' successful, stay in constant contact with members of your committee. They should be informed about all changes and alterations you make while writing a 'Dissertation'."

"Here is a secret about a good proposal. If you didn’t save your time and effort on it, your proposal is the outline to the 'Dissertation'. The last things you’ve got to do are change future to past tense and go for it."

'Dissertation' Thesis

"'Dissertation' Thesis is what your writing has to focus around. It has to come from your topic, limit it to a controllable amount of information, and set a specific question that has to be answered in a 'Dissertation' itself. No matter how many times the requirement of contraction down the research was underlined, the problem still exists, and here is the reason why: a lot of students, when coming up with a good thesis statement, think it is just not broad enough. In fact, the area of research will be twice as wide as a thesis statement, and that’s the minimum. If you are still upsetting about success of your thesis statement or your suggestion, try to break it into parts to see how many sides it has and how much effort you are going to need to support it."

Body of 'Dissertation'

"Body of 'Dissertation' is the expansion of your topic. When writing a 'Dissertation', don’t limit yourself to writing them in their logical sequence. Write in a way you feel happy with. If you are ready to write the last chapter first, why not do so? The main thing is to pull all together correctly, once the 'Dissertation' is written. What really matters at this stage is time management. Those who already wrote their ''Dissertation's' advise to plan time properly. This means that you should devote at least 20 minutes every day to your 'Dissertation writing', even if you have 5 years to work on it in front of you. They will pass like one day. This is how things work. Another benefit of working on 'Dissertation writing' methodically is the ability to remain in the context of your topic all the time. You will be the first one to find out about latest information and the 'Dissertation writing' itself will always be fresh in your memory."

''Dissertation's': Research and Sources

"Sources are also known as a 'Literature Review'. They are enormously important, for they show experts the abstract base that you worked your way through and the level of your preparation. You, at your turn, should not look at the sources only from the point of their informational value. Treat the authors you refer to as the participants of the 'Dissertation writing' process. "

''Dissertation's': Methodology

"Methodology has to be chosen intelligently when writing a 'Dissertation'. There are two ways you can go when talking about procedures. The first one is a qualitative preliminary study. It is more of a theoretical approach and it is helpful if you need to make up your own definitions, develop specific genuine instrumentation, and come up with descriptions of researches. You can be more into quantitative analysis. In this case, using statistics can be just right for you. Some students are afraid of conducting their statistical analysis and using numbers in 'Dissertation writing', but this is not the correct decision. Quantitative research requires more time; however, it can bring to absolutely new findings."

"After you have fulfilled guidelines that your university guidebook prescribes you to do, start editing your 'Dissertation writing'. This should not be a one-day process. Your 'Dissertation' has to be refined and ready for the committee and 'Dissertation' protection."

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