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'How To Write A 'Dissertation'' ?

"The most hopeless keyword you can type into a search engine is “'How To Write A 'Dissertation''”. It means that you have to complete a big academic paper and, which is worse, you have only a slight understanding of what is a 'Dissertation'."

"A bad idea is to look for 'Dissertation' PDF. Most of the time you will end up with a big file that is not likely to suit your topic. On the other hand, 'Dissertation' guidelines are exactly what you need to find out how to do a 'Dissertation'."

"When you write a 'Dissertation', keep in mind that here specific pattern of organization matters most of all."

  • 1. The Abstract

    Any 'Dissertation writing' guide will tell you that apart from a 'Dissertation' title and Table of Contents, this academic page must have an Abstract, which is a 200 words summary of the entire writing that underlines the most important issues."

  • 2. The Introduction

    "Definition: Next item on a 'Dissertation writing' guide is and Introduction. A 'Dissertation' on any topic must keep this part somewhat publicist, catchy and intriguing."

  • 3. The 'Literature Review'

    'Literature Review' is one more step in 'Dissertation' guide. Basically it is your presentation, evaluation, analysis and feedback on the theoretical framework provided by other scholars."

  • 4. The Methodology

    Guide to writing a 'Dissertation' also underlines the necessity of the ''Dissertation' Methodology' section. This chapter describes how you are going to achieve the results."

  • 5. Results and Discussion

    "Closer to an end, results and discussion are called to state and evaluate the outcomes of your research."


    • State the results clearly, and try to avoid personal evaluation.
    • Discuss the finding with a reference to the theoretical framework.
    • Structure a chapter the way you structured a 'Literature Review'.
    • When discussing, say what was right and wrong about the research and final results.
    • If there appeared any new issues while investigating, talk about the.

  • 6. The Conclusion


    "Conclusion is a summary of any 'Dissertation writing'. It has to be strong and leave a good impression and aftertaste."

    • Give readers an understanding of the main point.
    • Say how 'Dissertation writing' achieved the main goal.
    • Restate and stress the thesis statement.
    • Give recommendations as to further researches.

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