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How to Write English Term Paper

"An English term paper is not just an ordinary document analysing facts and information about a particular topic. It is a highly important piece of 'Academic Writing' that determines the research skills and writing abilities of a student of the subject. In an English term paper, you present a viewpoint after analysing a particular piece of literature and present arguments to support your viewpoint. English term paper writing involves a planned process of selecting and presenting the results and findings of academic research and 'Literature Review'."

"The first step in writing a good English term paper is making sure that you fully understand the question posed in your English term paper topic."

  • Start the research on your topic. Go to your local library to find relevant publications and also search the Internet for additional information.
  • Once you collect enough material to begin with, plan out your English term paper. Ponder upon how to compile all the information you've collected including your own ideas and inferences.
  • Write clear sentences which summarize the main ideas coming from the information you have gathered, and the inferences you have made. Preparing topic sentences that will begin each paragraph. Try to write active sentences with active verbs. Make sure your topic sentences link with the previous paragraphs.
  • Once you have written the body of the English term paper, you should proceed to writing the introduction section. Including an interesting fact is a very good beginning and may capture the reader's interest.
  • After you finish writing the introduction of your English term paper, you should proceed to the conclusion. Remember that the main objective of the conclusion is to summarise the main points in your English term paper and to confirm your arguments which supported your topic.
  • Conform to correct spelling, grammar and formatting rules in your English term paper.
  • Write several drafts of your English term paper.
  • Ensure that there is a flow from one argument to the next in your English term paper writing.
  • Avoid plagiarism in your English term paper. Always keep track of the sources and cite them properly in the references section.

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