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'Dissertation' presentation

"Knees bending, teeth biting on a tongue, and palms shacking? I can guess with my eyes closed – you are about to do a 'Dissertation' presentation. When all the 'Dissertation' chapters are written, 'Dissertation' coach tortured to death, and all possible 'Dissertation' assistance is gathered from sympathetic people, are you going to give up right before 'Dissertation' defense presentation? That’s nonsense, and you will make a great 'Dissertation' presentation after you read these 'Dissertation' tips: "

  • First of all, prepare mentally. If you wrote a 'Dissertation' by yourself than you are the only person to know it from comma to comma, so stop worrying in vain. Instead, spend a nice and quiet evening before the 'Dissertation' defense presentation.
  • Gather information about members of a 'Dissertation' committee. You have contacted them during the process of 'Dissertation writing', but it is better to ask someone who has already gone through 'Dissertation' presentation with these people, how they behave during the defense.
  • Play a spy, and sneak to somebody else’s 'Dissertation' presentation to see how everything goes, what to do, and what to avoid doing yourself. Learn on mistakes of other people.
  • At your presentation look confident, talk loudly enough, do not jump from one sentence to another, from point to point, and please do not swallow nervously every 15 seconds.
  • The best organization of a 'Dissertation' presentation is to start with a research question and general statements on how the topic of your research is important, and then jump right into the point.
  • If you think that listening to some scientific mumbling is exciting, you are wrong. Keep your listeners in constant tension, and keep them interested. Address the audience, choose especially important points and do not forget to stress them.
  • Um… funny as it is, try to practice in front of the mirror before going to the 'Dissertation' defense presentation. Imagine you are George W. Bush persuading everyone there are weapons of mass destruction in the Pacific Ocean, and this is why it needs to be drained. Practice makes perfect.
  • Finally, do not keep a 'Dissertation' presentation neither too long, nor too short. No matter how skillful a speaker you are, no one will be able to listen to the 'Dissertation' presentation for 2 hours.

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