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Writing a 'Dissertation' Discussion

"Discussion is generally strongly connected to the Results section, for it explains and evaluates. It has some important differences, though. While there is no place for a personal opinion in the 'Dissertation' Results, the Discussion is all about it. Your duty is not simply to share your point of view about 'Dissertation writing' that continued till late night, but to give a positive and decisive analysis of the research findings."

"When writing a 'Dissertation' Discussion section, try to maintain a balanced position and judge your own suggestions. Like with the Results, Discussion supposes references to the 'Literature Review' page and the theoretical base that you have already described and evaluated."

"The discussion is generally the explanation of outcomes. Your task is to make the results and their worth clear to the audience. Regarding this strong connection between results and 'Dissertation' discussion, they are usually placed together and constructed in the same way."

"Quantitative results are the examination of statistical data and all kinds of testing, surveys and observations that you performed during the researches for your 'Dissertation writing'. The goal of the explanation of these results is to relate them to the broader problem area, transfer them from paper to the real and practical life. The 'Dissertation' discussion, however, has to be held in a strong connection to the 'Dissertation' hypothesis. It is significant because it shows how your findings support or fail to support a suggested decision. Mind, that if you have mistaken in some predicted outcomes, you need to provide clarifications for them. Keep the discussion closer to the 'Literature Review', and don’t forget to comment on methodology and highlight plans for further researches."

"Qualitative results are and abstract of key findings of the ''Dissertation's' writing, and the 'Dissertation' discussion has to give their full and truthful review. As with the quantitative results and discussion, this kind of interpretation has to stick closely to the 'Dissertation' research question and the theoretical framework provided by the 'Literature Review'. Concentrate more on the surprising and unexpected outcomes, and don’t forget to give reflective comments and further researches outline"

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